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Buy Ouija Boards, Talking Boards, Spirit Boards, Merchandise & Ghost Hunting T-Shirts. Designed, manufactured and sold by The Talking Board Company UK.

Ideal for psychics, mediums, ghost hunters,  paranormal enthusiasts, paranormal groups and ghost hunting events.

The website will be offline and studio closed for the next couple of weeks with no orders being taken or processed during this time.
We will be fully open again on Wednesday 21st November 2018.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Featured Products

A Choice Of Sizes From Regular (404.5mm x 250mm x 3mm) or Large Group Boards (809mm x 500mm x 5mm)
All Based On Phi , The Golden Ratio.

using a ouija board

What Is A Ouija / Spirit Board ?

The Talking Board or Spirit Board, which later became best as known as the Ouija Board*, has its origins going back to the Chinese era of 1100BC and the Greek days of Pythagoras and it is said that the board, when combined with a triangular pointer or glass, supposedly enables it’s user to contact the dead, or as the spiritualists would correct me, Spirits From The Other Side. However it is the story of William Fuld and the Baltimore Talking Board Company that is responsible for the reputation that the Ouija Board has today.

The History Of The Talking Board, Spirit Board, and Ouija Board

The Talking Board Company

Today the UK based Talking Board Company creates custom designed ouija boards and spirit boards based on designs that have proved popular over the last 100 years, and we can even create a communication board based on your own design. All the products are created and printed inhouse, then shipped by their own fair hands. Their experience is based on many years of usage of these boards in the ‘ghost hunting’ realm. During this time they have yet to see a possession, or any ill effect of using what was known as a ‘parlours game’. However we supply these boards with the due warning they are created with good will but the usage is down to you.

How To Use A Ouija Board, Talking Board or Spirit Board

Our Spirit & Talking Boards

All our boards are made to order from vinyl coated PVC ‘Foamex’ which makes it lightweight yet hardwearing and water resistant. Using high grade Vinyl means the artwork is printed to the highest quality and the surface is tougher and more resistant than typical cardboard or fiber manufactured boards. This makes the boards easily portable and ideal for regular use.
The size of our boards is equally unique as the ratio of the dimensions is based on Phi or The Golden Ratio which  is 1·61803. The power of this ratio goes back to Luca Paciol in 300BC and is very well documented in its appearance and power throughout nature.

Clothing, Mugs & Gifts Based On Our Ouija Boards, Talking Boards & Spirit Boards

Along with our boards our designs are available on a number of products such as T-Shirts and Mugs. Ideal unique presents for an avid ghost hunter.